THANK YOU CMMC Foundation and  donors for the new 3D Mammography equipment. Since just less than six weeks of installation, Radiology has completed 175 +3D Mammogram screens!  The state of the art scan takes less than 20 minutes. Patients voice gratitude of not having to travel to the bigger cities for 3D imaging and often comment on the quick service, the sharp room remodel including the beautiful Central Montana photo art donated by a local anonymous donor. In addition to CMMC’s personal touch, patients leave with a beautiful rose on behalf of the Foundation.   The Foundation raised $350,000 for the cost of the equipment, and continues to fund raise for the Breast Biopsy Guidance System soon to arrive in September. Contact Ann Tuss for Oak Ridge Boys concert tickets for spring 2021 or outright gift to: #Giveback3D   #CMMCFoundation  538-6309   Your gift saves lives.  Thank you.  TO SCHEDULE YOUR 3d MAMMOGRAM, CALL 538-7711