Injury Prevention Through Evidence Based Jump Training

The application process for the CMMC Judith Peak Rehab Jump Training Program will include completely filling out each form:

  • Central Montana Injury Prevention and Jump training Program Registration Form
  • General Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability
  • Acknowledgement of Responsibility and Informed Consent
  • Jump Training Application
  • $150 to Central Montana Medical Center

Other Considerations:

To maintain high level of one-on-one feedback, only 6 spots are allotted for this program.  If more than 6 athletes apply, we will utilize the Jump Training Application short answers to hand pick athletes who best suit the program.  If this occurs names will be blacked out on the application to eliminate bias.

To eliminate distractions we ask that parents don’t attend sessions.  If picking up or dropping off they may wait in the waiting room.

Forms needed for Jump Training Program:

Injury Prevention Jump Training Acknowledgement of Responsibility and Informed Consent

Injury Prevention Jump Training General Assumption of Risk

Jump Training Application Questionnaire

Jump Training Program Registration

Jump Training Sports Program Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Department Contact
  • Christy Zimmer, Rehab Manager
  • 406-535-1498