CMMC is guided by a team of Governing Board of Directors. The primary goal of these dedicated leaders is to help the people who work here provide the finest possible care for our patients, and at the same time, be fiscally responsible. Half of our Board Members are from surrounding area towns, and many have served from upwards of ten to eighteen years. Their experience and commitment have the long term perspective necessary to aid in important decisions. They bring a lot to the table and pursue what is in the best interest for CMMC and most importantly, the Central Montana community.

Members include:

  • Dave Phillips
  • Carl Seilstad
  • Jennifer Saunders
  • Corry Arntzen
  • Tamara Welsh, MD
  • Brandon Bantz
  • Bret Carpenter
  • Keith Cook
  • Nick Econom
  • Marvin Mauws
  • Michael Sura, MD
  • Kim Vincent
  • Josh Webber
  • Erik Wood

Ranking members include:

Dave Phillips
Carl Seilstad
Jennifer Saunders
Corry Arntzen
Tamara Welsh, MD