CMMC Cancer Center Campaign

So much has already been accomplished…

Almost two years ago volunteers and CMMC staff began a capital campaign to bring a comprehensive Cancer Center to Central Montana.

One in three of us are diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime and annually our friends, our family, neighbors are traveling 165,000 miles for cancer care.

The comprehensive Cancer Center at CMMC would include radiation oncology on the first floor and an infusion center on the second, adding 16,700 square feet to the Central Montana Medical Center campus.

The catalyst for this project was The Helmsley Charitable Trust, which saw local cancer care as a significant need in Central Montana, something community surveys had repeatedly identified in recent years.  The Helmsley Charitable Trust believes no person should travel more than 100 miles to receive cancer care and has made that its mission in the Northwest Region. To demonstrate their commitment to improving health care in rural communities, they made a $9 million gift to CMMC to help build a Cancer Center.

In response, CMMC committed to debt finance $2 million, and the community rallied to donate $4.6 million. Highlighting this campaign was a key matching gift of $1 million by Larry and Kathleen Carrell (in memory of their son and brothers).   These funds meet the $15.6 million base project campaign goal.

What remains to be done?

Donations continue to be accepted for the project and will be applied to the second phase of the project.  While the base project costs have been secured, the project has $2.8 million in what are called Significant Enhancements.

These 10 hoped-for enhancements include: purchase of a CT simulator, upgrades to heating and cooling, restrooms in the main lobby, a pneumatic tube system to transport pharmaceuticals and/or samples to the lab and pharmacy, and a second elevator. Each of these would greatly improve patient care and experience at CMMC for decades to come, and we continue to work to secure the needed additional funding to take advantage of the window of opportunity construction of the cancer center brings.

Thank you in advance for considering a donation to this important piece of the project.  Donations or pledges can be made through the pledge sheet or online tools featured on this page.  Do not hesitate to reach out with questions to the Foundation Director, Abby Franks at, 406.535.6309 or 406.366.3919.  Campaign volunteers, Scot Solberg or Dave Byerly, can be reached at 406.366.4369 (Scot) or 406.366.0131 (Dave).



“My kids did not know what was going to happen to Mom, so I drove back and forth for my cancer treatments so that I could be home each night to comfort my kids. This Cancer Center makes me so happy. I would not understand the need if I hadn’t just experienced the exhausting task of balancing work, mom, wife and cancer patient – but now I am beyond passionate to make this project a reality so others can be at home for their cancer care.” Dana Dengal Mother, wife, business owner and cancer survivor


  • Scot Solberg, Chair
  • Dave Byerly, CO Chair
  • Corry Arntzen
  • Cathy Barta
  • Melissa Bell
  • Barb Berg
  • Bob Bjelland
  • Bret Carpenter
  • Amy D'Autremont
  • Karen Durbin
  • Abby Franks
  • Gen Geda
  • Joe Irish
  • Angie Jenni
  • Derree Kamp
  • Joe Kenser
  • Cody Langbehn
  • Janine Merrill
  • Jennifer Saunders
  • Ashley Senter
  • Jeff Southworth
  • Julie Walsh
  • Ashley White
  • Tilda Whiteman
  • Jim Wier

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For more information or questions contact your local Medical Center Foundation today:

Foundation Director: Abby Franks
408 Wendell Ave
Lewistown MT 59457