Birthing Room decor, rooming in, and a complete nursery. Cesarean delivery and care is also available.

Complete newborn screening services are provided, including Audiometry testing to confirm normal hearing capacity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What OB Services are available at CMMC?

CMMC has a labor and delivery, postpartum and nursery unit which is fully staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are able to provide care to pregnant women, including those with prenatal complications (preterm labor, increased blood pressure, etc.), those having a vaginal delivery or scheduled or emergency c- sections. We provide postpartum care for new moms. CMMC has a Level I nursery, but do provide some services that Level II nursery’s provide such as the ability to manage newborns with minor breathing problems, feeding difficulties, or newborns that may require IV antibiotics. This is done in consult with Neonatologists in Great Falls or Billings. Transport to those facilities is arranged if necessary.

What physicians in Lewistown provide OB services?

There are two Family Practice Physicians who provide OB services: Dr. Simpson & Dr. Marchion, 535-7791.

Perinatologists from Billings and Great Falls are consulted regularly as deemed necessary by your primary physician.

Are childbirth classes available?

Prenatal Classes:
Free of charge! Classes are offered in January, April, July and October. Class format is 3 classes, once weekly, from 7-9 pm. Classes are held at CMMC in conference room #1.

Classes are taught by CMMC OB nurses with discussions on topics such as stages of labor, delivery, and postpartum care as well as breastfeeding and newborn care. Powerpoint presentations, videos, a tour of CMMC’s OB department and plenty of time for questions are just some of the things these classes provide.

Do not miss this opportunity to prepare for your upcoming birth event! For exact dates and to register for class, call the OB department at (406)535-6286.

Drop In & Latch On Meetings:

  • Are you an expectant mom?
  • Are you a breastfeeding mom?
  • Are you a mom with breastfeeding experience who would like to share her knowledge and expertise with other breastfeeding moms?

The Drop In and Latch On Group provides an opportunity to gather; with the guidance of a Certified Lactation Specialist, to share stories and offer support to each other in a warm, nurturing, and baby-friendly environment.  This group is very active on Facebook.

Meetings are scheduled through the Facebook group.

Sponsored by Central Montana Medical Center.

Contact the OB Department at 535-6286

Breastfeeding education and support is also available by Certified Lactation Consultants.

What is available for pain management during labor?

We encourage all our mothers-to-be to attend offered Prenatal classes. By attending these classes you can be prepared for what will occur during labor and learn breathing methods to help with the management of the pain of labor. Pain medications are also available if you desire. Let your nurse know if you desire pain medication. All pain medications need a physician order so your nurse will need to contact your physician if you desire pain medications. Pain management can include pain medication given to you in your IV or intrathecal narcotic pain medication. An injection of a narcotic is done with an epidural. Ask your physician or nurse for more information.

What should I bring to the hospital?

Here is what we provide:

  • Large insulated mug for ice water
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Comb
  • Lotion
  • Kotex pads
  • Disposable stretch underwear to hold pads in place
  • Cleansing squirt bottle
  • Nightgowns & bathrobes while here
  • Diapers/clothes for baby while here

You will need to bring shampoo and conditioner, going home clothes for you and the baby, baby blankets, infant car seat and any personal items you may want. DON”T FORGET your camera. Remember though, no videotaping is allowed during the actual delivery (per hospital policy), however, you are more than welcome to tape before and after. Record those once in a lifetime moments!

Who can visit while we are in the hospital?

Hospital visiting hours are 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m with exception during our “Shh…Nap Time” program. So our mom’s can rest, we have limited visitation hours from 1:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m. each day. We require that all visitors check in at the OB Nurse’s Station before visiting OB patients. We also ask that visitors not visit if they are ill or have ill children. Children may visit if they are not sick. The father of the baby or Mom’s support person may visit at anytime. Father’s may stay all night if desired. Check with the nurse.

What training/experience do the OB Staff have?

All are NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) certified, Electronic Fetal Monitoring Certified, and have completed STABLE (Stabilization of newborn for transport) certification. All staff must also have CPR certification. All OB CNA’s are CPR certified and extensively trained in the care of newborns.

How do you provide security against infant abduction?

CMMC has an infant security system in operation at all times. Other security measures are also taken. Your nurse will visit with you about this when you are admitted.

Can I have my baby in my room with me all the time?

YES!!  Rooming-in is encouraged as a necessary step to bonding with your new baby as well as enabling you to be successful when you go home.  All services for your baby including weights, baths, and all tests well be done in your room with you there to comfort your baby.

What if I have questions about myself or my baby after I go home?

Give us a call at 535-6286 anytime, day or night. Someone is always available to answer your questions and help you through the wonderful new experience.

Note: The CMMC OB Department is Baby Friendly Designated, which is a nation wide program advocating breastfeeding as the best care practice for newborns. This program also advocates rooming-in and immediate and frequent skin to skin contact with your baby.

Department Contact
  • OB Department
  • (406) 535-6286