Community Integrated Health:

Community Integrated Health (CIH) is a newer approach to healthcare where paramedics and EMTs (emergency medical technicians) use their skills in a larger role to address community health needs. A CIH Provider (CIHP) will connect patients to appropriate community resources that better serve patients than the 911 system. These might include mental health and follow-up care for chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, COPD, and asthma. CIH provides preventative healthcare, home safety evaluations, and addresses medical needs in the home to reduce hospital transports for non-emergent care needs.
Central Montana Medical Center is embracing the CIH movement as a way to improve access to healthcare, enhance community-based preventative care, and provide additional opportunities for EMTs and paramedics to care for their communities. Referrals can come from anyone who identifies that there may be a need, not just a physician – once the referral is made the patient will be contacted for consent to the program.

Please see below for program brochure, program overview, and referral form. Referrals can be emailed to For any questions, please contact the CMMC EMS Office 406-535-1468.


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